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There was a time when I was afraid to do any type of networking, and collaborations was unheard of for me.  Nonetheless, being in the fashion industry requires a lot of networking and collaborating.  Often times we see it as competition.  But I see it as growth, I see future opportunities, and unity or women coming together in support of one another.  After all, there is enough space for everyone.  Yes, each of our pies will be cut differently but that really depends on you. But everyone still benefit somehow.  With that being said, this weekend, I will be collaborating with a fashion blogger in Atlanta.  I am so, so excited to have this opportunity.  She is phenomenal at her gift. She exhibits so much drive and determination but more importantly she is very knowledgeable of the industry.  Not to forget, we share the same birthday.  How cool is that! My first opportunity to meet her was in 2018 after a few years of following her.  Earlier, I mentioned my fear of networking but I pushed pass all my fears that time and reached out. As simple as that sounds, it's that simple to do. Here, a year later, we are doing a collaboration.   We speak a lot about an individual’s outer but her inner spirit is contagious, she is caring, giving and super fashionable.  Most of all, she wants everyone to win.  I know it’s hard to do anything with someone in the same industry or someone that might come across as a competitor by others.  Still, I challenge and encourage you to network and collaborate more if you aren’t.  Let’s stop competing and comparing but working and building each other up.  On that note, have a fabulous Friday and joyful weekend! Thanks for following my blog and shopping my store.


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