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Good day! I am excited to share that next  week Saturday, I will be celebrating 49 years of life. I am also excited to say that I share the same birthday as a very good friend of mine. I believe it’s safe to say that most of you maybe a follower of her fashion blog and/or one of her social media pages. Before, becoming good friends, I followed her for three years.  But it wasn’t until last year I learned we share the same birthday. She is the owner of Out of the Box Fashion, online boutique, Fashion Blogger, Influencer, and a great supporter. Anyway, I am grateful for our connection, for life, my husband, two daughters, family, and friends. It goes without saying, I am definitely living my best life and looking forward to celebrating my birthday on next week. Most of you may not be aware, but I recently published my first book, titled, “Controlling Your Moments”. It’s been a long time coming because of so many obstacles that arose during that process. Besides, owning my own online woman’s boutique, it’s another one of the many accomplishments I am proud to have checked off my to do list. It’s hard to believe how quick time has gone by but at least it was productive. I trust that you will get a copy, which can be purchased at It’s really a great read and I believe it will bless you and your family’s life. Until next time! But please don’t forget to visit my shop Distinctively Mod Boutique at for my new arrivals. You can also subscribe to receive new arrival and sale alerts. To celebrate my birthday, I will be giving 10% off the entire month of July, to everyone who follows and like my Instagram and Facebook page this month. Please connect on instagram and Facebook @distinctivelymod. As always, thanks for following my blog.

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  • I am a bit late with the blog, so Happy Belated Birthday and Congratulations on your book! Wishing you continued success in all of your endeavors.

    Glenda Murphy el día

  • I’m Excited about your clothes line. Do have xlg or Size (16) In your maxi dress & pant set?

    Bridget Mitchell el día

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