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It’s hard to believe that we are already seven days in the month of December. This year has zipped by so fast. For most of you, there may still be a few goals you want to complete before the year ends. While others are well into their goals for 2020. Either way, I applaud you and you should applaud yourselves for following through. This year has been a learning curve for me as I walk through this process as a business owner. I consider myself to be an introvert but being in this business has catapult things within me to higher dimension. There were things I was fearful of doing, one being networking. Just being in large crowds was terrifying, and fearful of engaging in conversations with others because I felt we had nothing in common. Guess what? It was not that I never did any public speaking, because I did, as a caseworker, in my earlier career days. I believe it’s a mindset like everything else but I promise if you just go with it, you will find that it’s attainable, because that’s what I did. My point is that as business owners, networking is a vital  component to the well being of your business. It is so important that you must seize every opportunity there is to network. On yesterday, I attended a professional development for my job but I also used that opportunity to network for my business by sharing that I owned a online woman’s boutique by means of small conversations when the time was appropriate, and of course passing out my business cards. As a small but important tip, always make sure you have your business cards with you at all times.  The room was full of women, to be exact, a total of 325 women were there. More importantly, potential customers were there. To go even further, their friends, co-workers and family members are potential customers as well. So, regardless of your fears, make networking a goal for the upcoming year. Seize every awakening moment as an opportunity to build relationships and gain new customers. and embrace it with confidence!  The video can be watched by visiting link below. 



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